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With international travel more common place Bedbugs are becoming an increasing issue in the U.K. Often being picked up on suitcases and baggage.

They are ideally suited to hide in nooks and crevices often the first sign of their presence are small spots of blood on or around the pillow and headboard area of the bed. Some fortunate people don’t react to the bites but others do and the bites can become infected.

Bedbug control measures

For effectice bed bug control it is important that the home owner aids in the process by bagging up all clothes and bedding and washing them at the hottest wash they can take. We can then spray the room with a wet insecticide which has a residualĀ  property so that when they emerge again they will come into contact with it and die. A follow up visit is then planned where a further spraying is carried out to ensure any emerging bedbugs are treated.


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