Rat image courtesy of Killgerm Group Ltd.

Rodent Control

Rats and Mice


Rats and mice are another common pest in the home and business premises. Being rodents they have to gnaw on things to keep their teeth at the correct length. This can be wood,plastic and the outer sheathing from electric cabling.

The other problem with rats is that they carry quite a few diseases that can be passed on to humans and can be fatal such as wiels disease and trichinosis. Rats can also transmit bacteria from the places that they abide onto surfaces and foodstuffs, they also like to urinate on foods they know are safe to eat.


Mice also like to gnaw on objects causing considerable damage at times, because of their small size they have to eat a lot more often than larger rodents. As a consequence they are deficating a lot and this mouse poo ends up in your foodstuffs.

Control Procedures

We use traps, rodenticides and proofing procedures  or a combination  depending on the situation. There are many different baits on the market for different scenarios. If possible we like to ensure the premises is proofed against further infestation at the end of the baiting stage.

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